May – Fire protecion month 2022

Dear colleagues,

In May, the INA Group traditionally pays special attention to fire protection, especially on May 4, when the Day of St. Florian, the patron saint of Croatian firefighters, is celebrated.

Once again, in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the INA Group companies during May – The Month of Fire Protection, activities of adjusted scope will be carried out in accordance with the current measures and instructions of the Government and the Civil Protection Headquarters, related to preventing the spread of infection, adopted and implemented throughout the INA Group.

In accordance with epidemiological measures on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, also in line with the adopted Decision regarding the plan and program of activities, the final fire demonstration drill at INA Group will not take place this year, but planned activities (custom scope) will be implemented.

Through educational and informative activities throughout the INA Group, using new media tools, MS Teams, Intranet and other forms of remote communication, we will highlight the importance of prevention and in particular the education and training of all employees in order to prevent the occurrence and spread of fire.

Let’s respect all fire protection measures in the conditions of the “new normal”, both at work and in private life, and thus prevent a fire from occurring – read the attached flyer and remind yourself what to do in case of fire.


Sustainable Development and Health, Safety and Environment