Our Activities

Firefighting and Emergency Response (ER)

  • Rescue from heights and depths
  • Indoor firefighting and rescue
  • Rescue from the rubble
  • Extinguishing fires at oil and gas industry facilities
  • Prevention in work manipulation with flammable and explosive gases and chemicals
  • Outdoor fire fighting
  • Operational elaboration of emergency response implementation activities
  • Emergency evacuation and rescue plans

Fire protection

  • Technological explosion and fire risk assessments
  • Additional Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA)
  • Fire protection plans
  • Fire Cause Analysis

Civil protection planning

  • Risk assessment of legal entities that perform activities using hazardous substances
  • Operational plan of legal entities that perform activities using hazardous substances
  • External plan for protection and rescue of regional self-government units in case of accidents involving dangerous substances
  • Major-accident risk assessment for local and regional self-government units
  • Operational plan for civil protection of a legal entity of interest to the civil protection system

Risk management in the area of ​​ZZSO

  • Scenario Modeling (SW PhastRisk)
  • Assessing and prescribing activities related to risk assessment and control in the field of fire protection,
    firefighting, emergency response and civil protection

Professional affairs of environmental protection

  • Major Accident Prevention Policy
  • Security Report
  • Internal plan
  • Hazardous Substance Notification Form (RPOT)

Training and education

Training programs and implementation of training of workers in the field:

  • Fire protection
  • Fire Fighting </ li>
  • Emergency Response
  • Working with flammable liquids
  • Educational workshops and lectures